Paella in a Flash

Despite the fact that a lot of my more health-conscious friends have been telling me to swear off the carbs, (God, no – no, no, nooooo!  >_____<) I find it difficult to go through life without rice.  I am not sure if it’s because it’s an Asian thing, but I’d rather believe that it’s because I just like rice – period.

Some days, however, plain white rice just doesn’t cut it.  And, yes: I do have days when even fried rice won’t do, either.  I suppose I could break out the Japanese curry mix cubes and do an impromptu kedgeree (more on that one of these days), but there are days when the riz du jour takes on a Spanish accent with my Paella Pronto.

All it takes is a packet of Clara Ole Ora-Mix-Mo fried rice flavoring (paella-flavored, of course), a minced onion, a tablespoon of olive oil, frozen peas, leftover grilled chicken, a Lucban longganiza (those deliciously garlicky sausages from Quezon province, and a generous cup (or so!  :)) of cold cooked rice.  Et voila: breakfast with a Spanish accent comes to the table faster than a matador fleeing an enraged bull.

Fast, savory, and satisfying…  Ahhh, muy bien