A Little Cup of Heaven – Nestle Heaven

There’s your standard-issue supermarket ice cream and there are your super-premium frozen delights from Haagen-Dasz, Ben and Jerry, and – on the local front – Sebastian’s and Theobroma.  To steal a line from the first Ghostbusters movie: don’t cross the streams.  Which is to say, in foodie-speak, the twain should never meet.

So, how then does one explain the new Heaven line from Nestle Philippines?  According to the blurb on the side of the cup, it’s supposed to be richer and creamier than most regular ice creams currently available on the market.  For one thing, it has more butterfat; for another, there’s a lot more cream.  (Dear Lord, it sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, doesn’t it?  :P)

This particular product comes in three flavors: Vanilla Secret (vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and chopped almonds), Belgian Bliss (chocolate ice cream with chopped Belgian dark couverture), and Very Strawberry (strawberry ice cream with a ripple of strawberry preserves).

By this time, you all know me: I’ll try anything once – even if it becomes detrimental to my waistline and backside, it’s worth it.  So when I spied this in a convenience store freezer, I decided to take the plunge.

It didn’t look too promising when I opened the cup.  I mean just the usual piped top of vanilla ice cream mottled somewhat with splotches of caramel sauce.  But when I dug deep into the cup with my spoon, I was rewarded with a butterscotch-y gusher and every spoonful was rich, unctuously creamy, and peppered with a lot of chopped almonds, giving the treat a toasty-smoky counterpoint to keep it from getting too lush for comfort.

Speaking of lushness, what really got to me with Nestle Heaven was the texture: not a trace of crystallization so the frozen custard was smooth all the way through.  It was also done in such a way that it seemed to melt almost instantly upon contact with my tongue.  Now, if I were truly wicked, I’d take a hint from Isabel Allende and put dabs of this decadent ice cream on my light-o’-love’s bare shoulder and…  Good Lord, let’s not even go there!

By far, the Vanilla Secret is the best of the three with the fruited lushness of the Very Strawberry coming in a close second.  The Belgian Bliss, alas, was marred by the taste: there wasn’t much to lift it up from the standard chocolate flavor.

Heaven is pricier than most other supermarket brands, but I assure you that it’s worth a shot.  😀