White Hat: One Sexy Cup of Yogurt

I was telling the lady at the counter that this, by far, has to be the sexiest cup of frozen yogurt I’ve seen yet.

An evening jaunt to the Alabang Town Center last Monday was on the verge of getting ruined by the insidiously humid weather we’ve been experiencing of late.  I was thinking of grabbing a cup of chai from my favorite shop, but had second thoughts given the heat.  I also contemplated grabbing some ice cream, but really didn’t feel like it because I was having one of my “fat” days.  (Yes, the “fat’ days endured by all women, alas…)

I was pleasantly surprised to see that The White Hat, one of the more recent players in the ongoing fro-yo wars, just opened a branch at the ATC last Friday, 28th August.  I wasn’t able to take snapshots of the interior, but it was a nice, brightly-lit, way-friendly place you can just chill out in.

And the yogurt?  On the surface, it looks like just about every other soft-serve fro-yo on the market – plus the requisite toppings bar.  However, White Hat’s yogurt reminds me of the fruited Bulgarian yogurt I ate as a child: a delicate balance between sweet and tart, a yogurt that everyone – even the yogurt-shy – can enjoy without seeming like ice cream.

Plus, may I add that homemade cheesecake is one of the toppers you can select from the bar.  This particular cup-o’-joy is the Baker’s Hat (P 120.00 for a small serve) which features your choice between blueberry or cherry topping along with diced cheesecake and almond cluster cereal.  The tartness of the cherries in my cup went beautifully with the yogurt and it was further balanced by the lemony cheesecake and the crisp, nuttiness of the cereal.  Not only was it a thing of beauty, but it was light and satisfying enough to quell my craving without making me feel as though I’d made a porker out of myself!

I am definitely going back to White Hat – for seconds! 

3 thoughts on “White Hat: One Sexy Cup of Yogurt

  1. we’ve also tried white hat yogurt already; actually as you’ve been following my blog as well, we became addicted or lovers of yogurts these days!!! šŸ˜€ not because it’s just a fad, but like drinking coffee, it’s habit forming too!
    …this made me crave for that heaping cup!

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