Food for Functions: Small, Satisfying Bites

Whenever there are high-level functions at the office – say, meetings of the executive committee or the Board of Directors, it is always considered a faux pas to serve them standard-issue cafeteria fare like sandwiches, ensaimadas, or pasta in its many forms and cultural transmutations.

That said, our lovely set of “Ladies Who Organize” keep a bunch of delivery menus that ensure quality food for the head honchos that won’t have everyone making faces at the stuff that shows up on their plates.

Delifrance is one of our favorite go-tos for meeting delivery.  With everything from canapes for impromptu cocktail meets to sandwiches for brunch or afternoon tea to party trays laden with assorted tarts and Vienoisseries, it’s like they have a fix for just about any craving that hits.

The food at today’s meeting is a classic example.  Chicken and mango and ham and pineapple mini-wiches on either baby rye or whole wheat buns came to the conference table along with miniature peach and kiwi tartlettes.  Food of this sort really keeps meetings from getting too boring for comfort.  😉