A Bit of Chocolate Indulgence

Oooh, cake!

Oooh, cake!

I was at Secret Recipe about a week ago and found myself craving for something sweet as opposed to my usual laksa fix.  So, I found myself looking at the cake display and pondered on a classic question: Will it be cream cake today or cheesecake? Ahh, decisions, decisions…

What settled the question for me was this glorious, chocolate fondant-coated confection that goes by the fetching name Chocolate Indulgence.  What it is: chocolate cake layered with dark, milk, and white chocolate mousses.

That’s right: mousses – plural; three kinds of ’em.

Looks tempting, doesn't it?

Looks tempting, doesn't it?

As pretty as this slice of cake looks, I’m all for the old adage about how the strength of a pudding lies in its eating.  I took a bite and I frowned at the texture of the cake part of this torte.  The chocolate sponge used was a tad on the dry side; quite disappointing because, having tried Secret Recipe’s cheesecakes, I was hoping that the sponge cakes they use for their cream tortes would be of a similar high caliber.

The mousses, on the other hand, were just delectable.  So, being the little chocolate fiend that I am, I quickly dispatched with the sponge cake (Waste not, want not! ;)) and left the mousse parts for last.  The white mousse is a milky delight – and I do not often say that about white chocolate desserts!  The chocolate mousse – the chocolate fondant! – made me sigh in sheer delight.

Honestly, save for the cake part, this is one dessert that really lives up to its name.

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