Quick Post: Unagi in a Box


Unagi bento

Unagi kabayaki – Japanese-style grilled eel – is one of my all-time favorite dishes and one that I consider a real treat whenever I feel really good about something.  There’s just something about this sweetly savory, rather smoky bit of seafood, this meltingly tender morsel, that conjures up good vibes for me.

Quite recently, I made a pretty good meal of a beautifully cooked eel fillet served up with a number of other Oriental goodies over at Sushi-ya.  This particular o-bento consisted of a goodly portion of grilled eel, some agedashi dofu, Sushi-ya’s yummy California maki (the only California maki I actually enjoy), rice, coleslaw, and miso soup.  Definitely satisfying; definitely a celebratory treat.  😀