Dinner Quick-Fix: Store-bought Meatball Bowl and Mixed Veg


Meatballs on Rice + Mixed Veg = Quick Dinner!

The problem with pulling long hours at work is that sometimes (well, in my case, make that most of the time), one comes home too late to get a proper dinner with the family.  In such times, I will either just go to bed tired and hungry or take the precaution of buying something from a supermarket food stall to eat on the long bus ride home.

And there are times when I actually see something substantial on offer and willingly save it till I get home.

What you see above is an order of Maki-balls (pork meatballs flavored with soy sauce, onion, and a hint of ginger) on rice from the Maki Mi Sushi stall over at the SM Supermarket in Makati.  On its own, it can be rather stodgy and bland, though the sukiyaki-style sauce you can drizzle over it helps cut back on the blandness even for a bit.  (It’s still a better deal than just a sandwich and a soda, though)

When I got home, I was lucky enough to encounter some buttered vegetables – a mix of baby corn, diced carrots, and asparagus – left over from everyone else’s evening meal.  I tossed these into the bowl along with the meatballs, gave it a generous sprinkle of Knorr Liquid Seasoning, made a hot mug of soup from a Campbell’s sachet, and had myself a fine – if a tad lonely – dinner.