A Different Sort of Laksa

The bowl of soup shown above isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but let me assure you that it is in the running for one of the most nourishing, most comforting foods ever.
This is laksaat least, this is how laksa is done in the provinces surrounding Laguna de Bai. Unlike its Nonya namesake in Singapore and Malaysia, coconut milk and fat rice noodles do not come into play in this particular dish. Instead, sotanghon – springy-textured mung bean vermicelli – is cooked in a clear broth with shredded banana blossoms [puso ng saging – lit.: banana heart] with ground pork, onions, and garlic.
This can be served as a first course; the broth is mild yet flavorful, just the right thing to whet your appetite. At our house, though, this is considered more of both a main course or a heavy side dish. The pork, noodles, and shredded banana blossom are fab over a good plate of steamed rice. 🙂

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