Unaju, Anyone?


Unaju from Omakase

Say this about grilled eel [unagi kabayaki]: it’s one of those things I tend to reserve as either a treat on an exceptionally good day or a fortifying pick-me-up on the most horrific days.  On those days, I can always kick back and relax with a plate of eel and rice before me or suffocate my sorrows with an o-bento of the stuff.

So, when does the monstrous affair at the top of the post come in?

With four eel fillets atop a box – not a bowl – of rice, this baroque affair is referred to as an unaju, an unadon [unagi-don] on a much bigger scale.  For one thing, there’s more eel.  It’s served in a large box rather than a bowl and it’s quite a deep box and there’s quite a bit more rice involved.

This particular treat is from Omakase; it’s what I have when I know things are definitely going my way.  😉