Dezaato Pan (Part I of II): Nagasaki Milk Tea

I’ve been meaning to try Dezaato Pan, the nouveau-Japonais (New Japanese) style pastry-shop / cafe over at Tomas Morato’s Thompson Square for ages, but never had an actual opportunity to go till last Monday.

Truth be told, Heavenly Chocolates is my sweetshop of choice and Kozui gets my nod for the nicest teashop in the Morato area, but a girl has to broaden her culinary horizons, right? So it was that I had lunch over at Ebi Tempura Grill and, seeing how I was in the area already, trotted over to Dezaato Pan which was right next door.

Since it was already pushing 1 PM and I had to hightail it back to the dungeon, I mean work, I wasn’t able to snap any pictures of the interiors, or buy a scoop from any of the alluring tubs of gelati on display, or sample any of the tempting cream-cakes on display. (Which, alas, was a pity because the chocolate crepe and matcha crepe cakes both looked supremely tempting… T_____T) Still, there’s always a next time, so I consoled myself with a 12oz. iced Nagasaki tea latte and a couple sweet rolls from the bread display.

This particular milk tea beverage involves a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream stirred into a chai latte. I am not sure why this drink was given the name of the Japanese city that gained fame and notoriety as that nation’s window to the world, the scene of many a Christian execution in the 17th Century, and one of the two H-bomb casualties of the Second World War. Then again, bringing a definite European taste (Irish cream and sweet spices) and a Western touch (milk) to Japan’s drink of choice may have something to do with it. But, again, I digress…

This drink goes down smoothly with the distinct flavor of Irish Cream balanced by the slightly tannic flavor of the tea. Plus, it isn’t boozy at all, so it makes for a refreshing afternoon sipper after a good lunch.
As for the pastries? Ah, more on that tomorrow, dears… 😉