Dezaato Pan (Part II of II): Two Chocolate Rolls

With the Nagasaki tea latte out of the way, my focus was automatically fixed on the pair of chocolate rolls I bought to go from Dezaato Pan.

The first one up was this Choco-Almond Bread, a pretty rectangular roll drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate and sprinkled with flaked almonds. As almond breads go, however, that was about as almondy as it got as the thick filling within the roll was all chocolate. Still, that isn’t a bad thing as the chocolate was of very good quality and made a lovely bittersweet contrast with the slight hint of salt in the buttery bread.

The second roll was the wittily named Choco-Otaku (literally: choc-fanatic). Imagine this: pane al cioccolato stuffed with a rich ganache and topped with semi-sweet chocolate and confectioner’s sugar. Fab and dreamy!

I agree with Doc Gelo: Dezaato Pan is rather underrated, but it really deserves a visit from die-hard urban foodies and hard-core sweet-teeth. 😀