Food for Functions: Decadent Cups from Bake & Churn

A Decadent Cup, a Scoop-a-cake… It’s what the little cup of madness above is called at the shop that makes it, Bake & Churn.


These babies were served at a recent company affair that started with boxed lunches of boneless barbecued chicken and Java rice from Reyes Barbecue, followed by a fab Parmesan-crusted baked salmon and Vietnamese summer rolls in cilantro-flavored wraps from Jana’s Catering. But while the mains and their attendant courses were jim-dandy on their own, the dessert totally stole the show.


Bake & Churn’s primary stock in trade is ice cream cakes that, intriguingly enough, look and taste like their oven-baked counterparts. (In my honest opinion, the Black Forest ice cream cake is certainly chocolatey and cherry-stuffed!) But, given that slicing whole cakes for a whirling, churning, hungry crowd of people will only result in melted ice cream and disgruntled diners. In which case, the aforementioned little cups of delight certainly suffice.


Capuccino brownie and chocolate ganache cups made their way to our tables at the close of the meal and the construction of each dessert was quite cunning. The capuccino brownie cup shown above actually had four layers: a cinnamony Graham crumb-and-brown sugar topping, a rich dark chocolate ganache, moist chocolate cake, and a generous layer of coffee ice cream at the very bottom. The chocolate ganache had chocolate chips and plain cream as a top layer and dark choc ice cream at the bottom.


There are two ways to eat this. One is to consume each layer individually. The other – what most of us thought was the proper way of doing it 😉 – involves sinking one’s spoon deep into the cup, cutting into all the strata, and scooping up a little bit of everything. Ahh, bliss ~ !


The capuccino brownie was fabulously rich without getting too cloying for comfort and the bittersweetness of the coffee ice cream did well to cut the chocolatey sugariness of the cake and the ganache. Decadence without frills – yes, it can be done. 😀