Quick Post: Marula Malt

Amarula, the liqueur distilled from the ripe fruits of the African marula tree, is a deliciously creamy alcoholic beverage that is second only to Bailey’s Irish Cream in terms of popularity. When served on the rocks, it’s quite a treat. When blended with malted chocolate milk, however, it becomes utterly sublime.

This, dear friends, is the Marula Malt, one of the more popular items on Heavenly Chocolates’ R-18 (Grown-ups Only!) menu. I like to think of it as a chocolate malt for bad girls: innocuously sweet and malty at the onset with a slight raisin-y nuance that lets you know the fruity Amarula is there, but it starts kicking in as it goes down. Down one of these, and you’ll be feeling really mellow. 😉