A Syrup-drenched Apple Cake

Think cake; think syrup-sodden, nut-studded, caramel apple-d cake. This was what I was thinking a while back when there was a glut of apples in the family fridge and everyone was getting sick of munching on them fresh, dipping slices in honey, and dicing them for salads.
I thought about turning them into caramel apples, but remembered that chewy toffee isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to coat apples in. :p
I thought about baking a batch of apple-spice muffins, but decided against it because I’d just finished baking cupcakes some time earlier. But that did give an idea as I found myself flipping through the pages of Titania Hardie’s Witch in the Kitchen from whence I got the recipe. She had a recipe for a gingered pear upside-down cake that I found most intriguing and, since I had apples and not pears, I decided to do a bit of improv and worked with what I had.
The syrupy ginger-apple upside-down pudding shown above is the end result of that bit of improvisation. It consists of a spicy, buttery cake that’s perfect for soaking up the butter-brown sugar caramel sauce that glazes it. Once baked, the crisp apples for the topping become soft – but not mushy – and moreish.
Next time I bake this, I’ll use pecans or walnuts instead of the cashews. Still, this was a most satisfactory baking experiment. 😀