Kozui Revisited: Healthy Lunch and Holiday Color

Kozui, Anthony So’s really fascinating teashop along Tomas Morato, is one of those places I keep coming back to because the drinks are just plain amazing and the food is nothing to sneeze at because it’s all good and freshly prepared. If you’re a major green tea junkie like yours truly, this is definitely the place for you.

I recently headed over to the shop to get a bag of matcha for a new biscotti flavor I’m currently developing. (Yes, it’s going to be a matcha to kurogoma [green tea and black sesame] cookie with a hint of almond.) Since it was lunch time, I decided to stay in and grab an iced roasted green tea latte with a touch of caramel syrup as shown at the top of this post, a plate of the shop’s really good takoyaki (they still don’t skimp on the octopus and the katsuoboshi – always a good thing for me), and this magnificent veggie-filled roll above.

This is Kozui’s roasted pumpkin wrap; quite a filling thing for both vegetarians and omnivores alike. Sweet roasted pumpkin is diced and mixed with an appealing blend of cumin and fresh basil to add a somewhat Mediterranean twist. Lettuce, creamy cubes of marinated feta cheese, and a generous sprinkling of walnuts finish this off. While this particular wrap is virtuously light, it’s also quite satisfying without making you feel sleepy or stuffed; perfect for a weekday lunch!

Oh, and may I add that Kozui is also one of the cutest restaurants in the Quezon City area and, like everyone else, they’ve decorated for the Holidays. Get a load of their matcha-colored Christmas tree ~ totemo kawaii! 🙂