After the Holidays: Keep it Simple

Post-Holiday Breakfast: Probiotic Ice Velvet, a croissant, and scrambled eggs

Happy New Year, everyone!

I know this greeting is already about a week late, but this food blogger is still reeling from all the marvellous excesses of the previous Holiday season.  With roast porkloin and spaghetti pomodoro on Christmas Eve, a pork belly roast and paella for the New Year, a baking frenzy that resulted in nutty loaves of kugelhupf, batches of Bad Girl cookies, and several decadent rum cakes, and a rich assortment of treats from both friends and family, it was certainly a dizzyingly varied array of delicacies.

This was why a jaunt to Bizu with my dear friend Ate Lara led to my picking out the simplest item on the breakfast menu:

Plain scrambled eggs just lightly seasoned and dusted with parsley paired with a simple but flavorful croissant that was meltingly tender.  An Outrageous Orange Ice Velvet compounded with fresh orange juice and probiotic kefir rounded out my simple meal.

Now, croissants are among the richest products among Bizu’s selection of Viennoiseries, but it’s so substantial on its own that only the simplest of proteins – in this case, properly curdled eggs – will do.  The probiotic Ice Velvet served to get my digestion back to zero.

There are a number of lovely, gorgeously yummy things I’ll be blogging about in the coming days, so please do drop by and give SybDive a look.  🙂