Keeping it Simple: Singapore Style

Creme Dory with Red Curry and Bee Hoon on the side

There’s tamarind in that curry.

You read that right.  For those of you who are used to the almost-jaundiced yellowness of standard-issue chicken curry and have had no experience whatsoever with regard to either Indian or Malaysian food, this can be a rather startling experience.

I was getting ready to meet with my Lifeplanner last week and had about an hour more to wait.  Since I was hungry, I decided to hie off to the Food Patio at the PBCom Tower to grab some lunch.  They have the usual Italian joints, the normal sizzling platter stops, and stalls for Chinese noodles and dimsum.  However, I wanted something different, so I made a beeline for Makan Singapura and grabbed a plate of what was temptingly labeled as creme dory with red curry.

At first sight, it doesn’t look much like a promising dish.  You get a conical mound of rice, a generous breaded fish fillet, and a bowl of somewhat curdled-looking brown gravy.  But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  The tangy gravy is a perfect counterpoint to the bland fish.  Throw in a bowl of peppery bee hoon and you’ve got a most Peninsular lunch.

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