A Coffee Cheesecake Day

Coffee Cheesecake

There are days when you feel like drinking coffee, and there are days when you feel like eating the coffee.  This was the sort of mood I was in when I found myself at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  I wasn’t in the mood to sip even their fantastic [and certainly calorific] caffe mocha because I was hungry, sleepy, and certainly cranky.

Their coffee cheesecake pretty much hit the spot.  It’s a bit stodgier than most conventional cheesecakes, but it isn’t cloying to the palate as the richness of the sweetened cream cheese is balanced by the bitter robustness of the coffee infusion used.  Throw in an almond biscuit crust plus some semisweet chocolate morsels scattered decoratively on the surface, and you have a perfect afternoon treat.

The CBTL site states that this is best served with their caffe Americano or an espresson, but I found that this goes perfectly with a rich, milky cup of hot vanilla or an African Sunrise tea latte.