Sango (Again): Lunch with a Japanese Accent

Lunch at Sango

It’s the standard-issue offering at most burger joints: a beef burger, fries, and a shake or a soda.  It’s cheap, it’s filling, but, boy, does it get tedious at times!

In the event that you find yourself on the verge of palate fatigue at your local burger joint, I suggest that you go over to any of the branches of Sango: The Burger Master.  (There’s one in Makati, another in Alabang, and another in Ortigas.  I just don’t know about the QC zone, though…)  Do that and order a meal consisting of the following:

  • Menchi katsu burger – this is an unusual take on the usual beef burger.  It’s actually a large croquette compounded with ground beef, mashed potatoes, seasonings, and panko.  Throw it some shredded cabbage and it’ll beat any patty-flogger’s beef burgers hollow.
  • Super-chunky fries – ketchup is a must, but if you’re feeling extravagant, throw in a few bucks more for a small dish of Sango’s signature “Sloppy Joe”-style sauce for dipping.
  • Calpis Soda in peach – they have a number of other flavors of this tangy, yogurt-based fizzy and they’re all good.  Peach, however, is tops in my book and is utterly non-negotiable on any trip to the shop.