In Search of the Better Burger: Into the Crabshack

The Crabshack Burger

I adore knife-and-fork burgers, the sort of sarnies that you can’t just grab with both hands and cram into your mouth due to their sheer size.  They’re more filling than the average McDo/Jollibee/BK sandwich and, visually, they’re most impressive to look at.

Oh, and one other thing: while beef burgers eaten with a knife and fork are tops, I like a bit of the unusual in my food.  That said, when I spied the Crabshack Burger on the Sizzling Pepper Steak menu, I just had to have it.

If you love Maryland-style crab cakes or Japanese-style crab croquettes, this is one sandwich you shouldn’t miss.  It’s actually a huge crab cake in a garlic-buttered bun.  Shredded cabbage and a peppery tarako (cod roe) mayonnaise round it out.  The patty is amazing: chock-full of both real lump crabmeat and chopped crabsticks suspended in a creamy, bechamel-style sauce, rolled in panko, and deep fried till beautifully crisp.  Not fishy at all, it’s the kind of sandwich you’ll be torn about either scarfing down wholesale or nibbling in a leisurely fashion.

Canadian-style Gravy Fries

Oh, and notice the fries on the side of the burger at the top of this post?  They don’t come with the usual ketchup and mayonnaise topping/dip.  Instead, these are served poutine-style with cheese and gravy.

Poutine is an indigenous street food of Quebec, the French-speaking province of Canada.  It involves a dish of thick-cut fries (skins left on, by the way) smothered with curds (actually drained cottage cheese) and beef gravy.   The poutine served at SPS has melted cheddar rather than cottage cheese and a generous sprinkle of minced parsley finishes it off.  One other thing, you can also ask for extra gravy to go with it.  Trust me, it tastes a lot better than it sounds: the starchiness of the fries is balanced by the sharpness of the cheese and the salty/umami flavor of the gravy.

Unusual and definitely tasty, I don’t usually order this with just any old soda.  In fact, I go the whole unusual route and ask for a tangy glass of cranberry juice to go with my meal.  🙂