The Grown-up Mid-afternoon Milk Break Stays Home

Chocolate Mudshake and a thick chocolate crinkle

I don’t usually go for anything alcoholic unless it’s served at a party or an official function.  In my case, you see, alcohol is simply an occasional thing or – most of the time – an ingredient for pasta sauces (red wine) or cakes (rum and a whole plethora of sweet liqueurs indispensable for flavoring decadent treats).

However, given the stressful nature of recent events, sipping something with a bit of a buzz became somewhat necessary.  Between madness at work, troublesome and tightfisted clients, panicking over my [non-existent] social life, and my brother’s catching the measles (this making him miss out on the recently concluded 2nd National Congress of the Clergy), I needed something to calm me down.

It was fortunate that I still had about a third of a bottle of Vodka Mudshake in chocolate from a recent order for rum cakes.  This nifty little sipper is a product of Australia’s Independent Distillers.  It’s been on the market for quite some time now, but I only started using it recently when I noted that the creaminess and the gorgeously rich flavors made my rum cakes truly special.

So, how did I enjoy this?  I poured the remaining third of Mudshake over some ice in a small glass and filled up the remainder with low-fat milk.  (If you’re going to do this yourself, don’t stir!  Just let the liqueur lace the milk in a tantalizing manner.)

Now, serving it with a fat, undeniably rich chocolate crinkle may seem like overkill, but if your day – or week, for that matter – got shot to hell, you’re going to need all that unctuous yumminess to help you feel better.