One Fluted Mold, Two New Ideas

Have fluted mold, will travel...

Late last December and in early January, I found myself rising to the challenge of baking something completely different from just about everything I’ve baked before.  First, Michi-meow‘s mother asked if I made rum cakes, specifically those made in the magnificent, buttery, decadent style that used to be served at Savory Chicken during the Holiday season.  Then, my mother asked if I could bake something for one of her closest friends.

In both cases, I used my mother’s somewhat battered steel fluted mold.  It’s something I’ve rarely ever used, seeing how it’s too small for most of the recipes in my baking repertoire.  (It is, however, perfect for making brioche.)  But those two challenges finally gave it a chance to shine.

The first result is shown in the snapshot above: a beautifully golden kugelhupf for Mom’s friend.  It’s a very fancy bit of bread baking: brioche dough is allowed to rise, then cut into thin slices.  Each slice is spread with a truly mouthwatering paste made with butter, sugar, and chopped mixed nuts (I used a blend of toasted cashews, pecans, and almonds for this) and layered one on top of the other in a fluted mold.  It took a bit longer to bake than an average brioche, but the end result was pure, delicious decadence.

The second result actually yielded three cakes: two in portable aluminum tins and the third baked in the mold.  I ended up with some seriously buttery, magnificently fluffy cake, rum-sodden and perfect with coffee.

All things considered, this little mold is definitely a keeper.  😀

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