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Three Necessities: Coffee, Words, and a Croissant

This is how I start my day.

Coffee and words.  I have been starting my day with this potent combination since my sophomore year in college when I began drinking coffee on a regular basis.  There’s just something uplifting about sipping a rich, smoky brew with a touch of cream while writing either journal entries by hand or blogging about new dishes or writing poetry on my other blog.  Thinking back on the debacle of months past, I’m seriously starting to wonder why I ever took that doctor’s advice and gave up on coffee and nearly gave up on writing.  Tsk tsk…

Cafe au lait, un croissant, et un omelet avec epinards et champignons

On days when I’m feeling indulgent, I’ll throw a croissant into the equation.  There is just something about biting into that crisp, flaky, buttery crust that makes my brain perk up on even the darkest of days.  Delifrance‘s croissants – authentic stick-straight croissants au beurre as opposed to the more common crescent-curved croissants ordinaire – are perfect for mornings when I still have an hour or so to kill before the start of my workday.  It’s the sort of croissant you don’t just munch into willy-nilly; it demands to be eaten with a knife and fork.  One ought to cut one flaky bite after another, smearing it with more butter (Is there such a thing as too much butter on a warm, buttery croissant?  Of course not!) and a dab or so of d’Arbo‘s tart, jelly-like strawberry jam.

Sometimes, as in the snapshot above, I’ll have an omelet filled with mushrooms and wilted spinach for the extra vitamins and iron.  It’s what I need to face a potentially gruelling day.

I sip my coffee, nibble my croissant, and scribble a few lines.  I take stock of my life and watch Makati’s corporate denizens rushing out the shop window.  Sated, I smile and head on out, becoming one with the mad rush to work.



Midge started her career in PR writing at seventeen when she began drafting documentaries for a government-run television station in the Philippines. Since then, she made a career in advertising and public relations which ended in June 2016 These days, she works full time at Philippine Tatler as a features writer under the nom de guerre Marga Manlapig. Aside from what she does for a living and her poetry, she has turned her home kitchen into a personal culinary lab and is currently working on another novel. Follow her on Instagram at @midgekmanlapig.

7 thoughts on “Three Necessities: Coffee, Words, and a Croissant

  1. I understand completely! I love mornings with just coffee and reflections for company 🙂 A croissant would not go amiss either! Unfortunately I am off coffee while I am nursing…I haven’t had any since I was pregnant, that makes it almost a year with no coffee!

  2. You won’t have to convince me on the necessities of coffee. I’m already there…when I wake up, after lunch, in the afternoon, and after dinner. Hit me with your best (espresso) shot!

  3. I watched in a documentary somewhere that coffee makes one smarter. Ain’t that great news? As for that omelette you ordered in Delifrance, that’s my fave! I just love the combination of eggs, mushrooms and spinach, not to mention a buttery croissant. Aaah, the good life. 🙂

  4. tina and i are both coffee lovers too. there was never a day in our lives, or at least i don’t remember, that we don’t have at least a cup.
    …i just had croissant too the other day.

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