Who’s Up for Some Bibimbap?

A Most Refreshing Lunch

It’s been a very hectic week in my neck of the woods, seeing how there were events to organize, meetings to attend, reports to write, and calendars to plot out.  That said, my diet’s been pretty much shot to hell and has mostly consisted of sandwiches, coffee, and those P 15 Hershey’s sundaes from MiniStop which are actually excellent.

But a girl – especially one as food-mad as I am – needs serious sustenance.  You know the sort: meat, veg, some form of starch.  Yes, I know I can get these from a sandwich, but I need my rice – and I want it now.

Lucky for me, Mr. Kimbob at the SM Makati Food Court is on my post-work route on the way to the Ayala bus stop.  It’s a small stall that specializes in kimbob, those maki-style rice and seaweed rolls filled with minced beef and veg.  Those are pretty good, but they still scream sandwich to me.

That said, my go-to meal at the end of the day is the bibimbap (P 119.00; includes a bowl of beef soup with shredded cabbage): a huge bowl of rice topped with raw, shredded carrot, cucumber, Savoy [Chinese] cabbage, and sweet onions, sesame-sprinkled beef barbecue, and a perfect fried egg.  Stir in a generous spoonful of the kochujang (Korean red pepper paste) that comes with each order, and you get a delicious, restorative meal to soothe you at the end of a harrowing day.

(Mr. Kimbob also sells takoyaki [P 20.00 for a four-piece serve].  Not as good as the sort sold at Kozui or Sai-Bachi, but it serves the purpose in a pinch.  ;))