Gelatissimo e Molto Bellissimo!

Molto bella!

The thing about summer is that it isn’t exactly the sort of season that encourages appetites.  The blistering heat isn’t conducive to good eating and most body-conscious girls (God, I hate them!) would actually skip out on trying new things because they dread not fitting into their skimpy bikinis.

I, however, have long decided that I will never be the same caliber as a Brazilian supermodel.  That said, I – unlike all the rest of the bikini-addled cows – would rather treat myself to an icy indulgence from Gelatissimo as a break from the unrelenting heat.

P 190.00 gets you three scoops of different flavors; not a bad deal, I must say.  I should warn you, though: if you find yourself standing in front of Gelatissimo’s store-front display filled with tubs of frozen fancies, you might go mad.  Luckily, you can ask for free samples before you make a decision.

My choices were a bracingly-tart lemon granita (sorbet), the buttery caramelized fig, and the breathtakingly fab chili chocolate. It’s best to start with the granita as it works as a palate cleanser and the lovely acidity serves to get your tastebuds ready for the unctuous gelati to come.

I don’t really like figs, but the caramelized fig has a buttery base with resiny hints of vin santo.  There are chunks – not bits – of candied fig: sugary, syrupy lumps of fruit whose dark, raisiny character balance the creaminess of the base.

The chili chocolate, on the other hand, is magnificently dark and peppery.  Bittersweet, rich, almost truffle-like in texture, it goes down smoothly – and then hits you with an eye-popping snap of chili.  Very, very good.

So, be sensible about your body weight: not all of us can be supermodels.  We just need to accept who we are, how we look.  Gelato, anyone?  😉

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