L’omelet Parfait: Tips for the Perfect Omelet

L'omelet parfait!

As a rule, I don’t usually work with eggs except as an ingredient, a mere component in a recipe.  Eggs on their own, however, a completely different matter all together.

I confess: I can’t fry eggs properly.  My sunny-sides usually end up scrambled for one reason or another.  Boiled eggs usually end up extremely hard-boiled in my hands, and the only time I can poach eggs properly is when they’re cooked in the broth of a pot of instant ramen.

But omelets are a completely different story.  I like making omelets; I can usually make them as perfect as I want them to be, all modesty aside.  Barring simple fried eggs, they are as simple as pie to make and usually involve just four ingredients: eggs, butter, salt, and pepper.

To make a perfect omelet calls for whisking two eggs – just the eggs, no milk and no cream.  You want eggs that have a bit of structural integrity to them , some sturdiness.  Add milk or cream, and you have scrambled eggs – large, fluffy curds that don’t fold so well.  Take my advice and skip the milk and cream; you don’t need ’em here.

A dash of salt and pepper will flavor these beautifully.  You may add herbs or spices, but I suggest that you use fresh herbs and they have to be finely chopped.  The dried stuff just doesn’t cut it at all.

Butter – not oil and definitely not margarine – should be the only fat of choice for making proper omelets.  The flavor it imparts to the finished omelet is just fantastic.

To make a proper omelet, be sure to heat your pan over medium heat.  Drop in about a tablespoon or so of butter and let it melt, swirling it over the surface of the pan to make sure that every inch is covered.  Heat till it browns a little, then pour in the beaten eggs.  As the edges begin to set, swirl out the rest of the eggs around the pan to ensure even cooking.  When the outer edges are set, ease them up and drop your filling of choice in the center: mushrooms and spinach are nice, and I am partial to cheese omelets.  Carefully ease one side and fold the omelet over – et voila: un omelet parfait!

Serve with some hot buttered toast with a proper smearing of artisanal mango jam and a mug of cafe au laitTres irresistible! 😀

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