HK Choi: A Family Feast

Isabelle and Dad

My dad recently celebrated his 62nd birthday last March 20th.  After attending the ordination of new deacons at San Carlos Seminary, my brother’s alma mater, we headed over to HK Choi at SM Megamall.

HK Choi is part of the popular restaurant group Choi Garden which, in my opinion, makes the most wonderful sauteed noodle dishes ever.  While HK Choi serves some scrumptious noodle dishes, it’s the rice bowls that are worth coming back for.

Roast Duck on Rice

This one, in particular, disappeared fast: the roast duck on rice.  You get tender, properly seasoned strips of duck on fluffy rice with a healthy drizzle of drippings to moisten the dish.  Quite good, though I wish the duck skin had been crisper.

Four-Kinds Combo on Rice

Here’s my plate: the four-kinds combo on rice.  It’s a very simple dish involving two meats (sweet roast pork and savory soy chicken), tofu braised in soy, and a quarter of century egg.  If you’ve seen Stephen Chow’s movie The God of Cookery, this will remind you of the Sorrowful Rice (roast pork on rice with a fried egg) he whipped up during the competition.  This is so simple, but so good.

Pork Chop Baked Rice

If you’re a fan of tonkatsu or rice au gratin, the Hong Kong-style pork chop baked rice will be your favorite in no time.  A tender pork chop is dredged in panko, deep fried, put on top of a bowl of rice, smothered with a sweet-savory tomato sauce (yes, it’s kind of shocking: tomato sauce – in a Chinese restaurant!), and baked.  So.  Incredibly.  Good.

Beef and Wanton Noodles

We were supposed to order the beef hofan, but my mother felt that it would be a bit much in light of all the rice we ordered (!) and ordered a platter of beef and wanton noodles instead.  It was a good choice: tender beef redolent of anise atop eggy noodles and dumplings stuffed to the gills with shrimp.  Yum!

Lo Han Mixed Vegetables

Even if you aren’t the sort who likes vegetables, you’ll certainly scarf down HK Choi’s lo han mixed veg.  Why?  Think: lots of mushrooms, crisp-tender baby corn, sweet carrots all in a moreish sauce.  Healthy and delicious; enough said.

We rounded out the meal with bowls of pearlescent tapioca suspended in either pureed mango, liquefied cantaloupe, and crushed watermelon.  It was a most refreshing way to end the meal on a hot summer day and my dad enjoyed every bite of it.  🙂

Incidentally… Don’t forget tomorrow’s workshop at Heavenly Chocolates!  For more info, click here.  Hope to see you all there!

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