Things I Can Never Cook: She-Crab Soup

She-crab Soup

My friend Michi-meow and I believe that the measure of a good restaurant is whether or not you can actually replicate the dishes in your own kitchen.

This is how it works: if you can cook a particular dish off a restaurant menu in your own home a lot better than the restaurant itself, then it wasn’t really a good restaurant.  If you can cook something off the menu close enough or slightly differently from the original, it’s pretty good.  But the stuff from a really good restaurant is something you can never replicate at home.  It’s what brings you back to the place for more.

Such was the case with the She-crab Soup from Bubba Gump.  It’s a sinfully smooth, savory puree of lump crabmeat with bits of shrimp and crisp-popping bubbles of fish roe.  While I know the basic principle behind this soup, I seriously doubt if I can make it this good.

(But at least I take pride in making better stuffed mushrooms than the ones from Italianni’s…)