To Make a Herbal Infusion for Chocolate Truffles…

Hmm...  Lavender, vodka, and cocoa...  Looks like a plan...

Hmm... Lavender, vodka, and cocoa: looks like a plan...

About a couple weeks prior to the last Chocolate Appreciation 101 workshop, I found myself in a dither as to what to do aside from talk about the history of chocolate and feed people hot chocolate and nama.

The natural answer to the question was to do a live demo on making truffles.  But the workshop truffles weren’t my usual garden-variety chocolate-and-cream darlings.  These truffles had a serious kick to them: all because they were infused with lavender vodka.

Don’t let those fancy-shmancy types dissuade you from making your own flavoring essences at home.  All you really need to make a good flavoring essence is a bottle of vodka, your choice of either fruit peels or floral/herbal tisanes, a clean glass jar, and a couple of days.

To make a proper floral infusion, pour about 1-1/4 cups of vodka into a clean glass jar and add 1/4 cup dried floral/herbal tisane.  Close the jar tight, shake well to mix the contents, and place in a cool, dark place for two days.  Strain the resulting infusion into a clean bottle.

To make floral truffles, add 3 tablespoons of the infusion to your basic ganache during the melting phase.  Lavender adds a peppery edge and mint is a classic pairing.  The only thing that will limit you is your own imagination.


Come on over!

…the next Chocolate Appreciation 101 workshop will be on 24th April 2010 with sessions at 4:00 and 7:00 PM.  And yes: I’m handling them again.  I hope to see you there!  😀

4 thoughts on “To Make a Herbal Infusion for Chocolate Truffles…

  1. hey midge.. thanks for the invite. i think this is your 2nd or 3rd (?) invitation for me to attend your chocolate appreciation 101. i’m not promising but i’ll try to attend depending on our sched. thanks again! really appreciate it. incidentally, my latest post is also about chocolates. 😀

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