Le Petit-Dejeuner: Tray Chic

Le petit-dejeuner

There are days when, against all odds, you find yourself with a good hour and a half or so before work on your hands.  On those days, you have the time to actually spoil yourself with breakfast – not just a good breakfast, mind you, but a great breakfast.

Delifrance Breakfast Trays are my go-to treat on those days.  You get a cold glass of pulpy orange juice, a cup of brewed coffee, two eggs, fruit, potato roesti, and your bread and protein source of choice.  My personal favorite: the roast beef hash with a croissant.  Utterly non-negotiable, if you ask me.

Delifrance’s roast beef hash will remind you of two things: properly done beef tapa (smoked beef) because it’s thinly sliced and sauteed corned beef because sweet white onions are added to the hash.  It’s quite good, most satisfying, and the tender beef goes perfectly with the crunchy potatoes.

And why a croissant?  Well, why not?!  😉

As you sip your coffee and finish your meal with fresh, citrusy OJ, you can smile and actually look forward to anything that gets thrown at you for the rest of the day.  🙂