On Mais con Hielo

Mais con hielo – literally, iced corn: it’s one of those things that keeps the wretched heat of summer at bay.  There is just something about this icy treat that goes into the very heart of a person, something that cools down even the worst of tempers on the hottest days.

To make this treat, all you need are mounds of shaved ice, some sugar, cans of creamed corn or whole-kernel corn – you can even use both to add some textural contrast, and a drizzle of evaporated milk.  Cornflakes on top are optional, but they’re a non-negotiable for people like my mother who wants a bit of crunch.  If you’re feeling particularly decadent, you can actually put a scoop of sweetcorn ice cream on top for additional creaminess.

While the combination of corn, milk, and ice may seem disturbing to some, it’s considered one of the true flavors of a Filipino summer.  Try it for yourself; you’ll be sure to love it.  😉