The Local BK Goes Korean (Well, Sort of…)

BK Bulgogi Singles Set (Medium)

Despite the fact that McDonald’s broke onto the scene first, Burger King is the first thing that pops to my mind when people start talking about American fast-food.  For one thing, the decor is certainly reminiscent of a diner from the 1950s.  For another, they aren’t shy about super-sizing their meals.

So it came as an eyebrow-raising surprise when the shop started to offer a little taste of Korea on their premises.  And so we have: the BK Bulgogi.

Trouble is, once you’ve unwrapped the burger, it’s rather disappointing:

Doesn't look like much, does it?

To be brutally honest at this point, it looks more like a conventional burger glopped with brown gravy and topped with scraps of iceberg lettuce.

Taste-wise, it’s pretty good: the brown sauce is quite garlicky and a touch sweet like a standard bulgogi marinade.  However, even this isn’t enough to save this sandwich from the brink of mediocrity.

Seriously – and if BK is true to its motto that they never mock even the most unconventional orders at the counter, I have the following suggestions:

  • Instead of serving ketchup and mustard with this sarnie, why not a smattering of spicy-hot kochujang, that incendiary, pasty red pepper sauce that goes so well with any number of Korean dishes;
  • And why not kimchi instead of standard-issue sweet or dill pickles?  It’s bound to make the flavors pop, after all; and
  • Since we’re already on the subject of replacing regular garnishes with traditional banchan (side dishes), why not replace either fries or onion rings with unsauced ddukbokki (toasted rice logs) or twibap (puffed rice discs)?

Call me finicky, but really: if you’re going to tout something as Korean, you may as well go the whole hog and give your diners a most unusual experience.  😀