Color Play: Yaourt “Rouge-Blanche”

Tantalizing, isn't it?

Whilst growing up, my school’s colors were scarlet and white, symbolic of the bravery and purity we were supposed to embody.  As I grew older, however, I have to admit that the color combination of red and white took on a less innocent meaning: passion working in tandem with naivete to add dynamism to relationships (both physical and emotional).

Aesthetically, it’s a very striking combination: a vivid crimson splash on pure white always makes a statement.  Likewise, the dabbing of white on a red background evokes holiday sentiments: snowfall at Christmas, white ribbons on scarlet hearts for Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of red roses tied with a white bow.

One of my favorite food combinations involves a soft, billowy cloud of fresh cream (or soft-serve ice cream / frozen yogurt) with a vivid, syrupy splodge of red fruits.  There is something about this pairing that thrills me: the exciting tang of scarlet berries adding something magical to the almost-bland cream.

Since frozen yogurt is tangy enough as it is, one would think that pairing tart berries with it would turn it into something too sour to eat.  On the contrary, the slightly-sweetened yogurt from The White Hat actually goes well with a combination of sugary strawberries in syrup, sharp-tasting red cherries, and earthy-tart dried cranberries.

The creamy yogurt is the perfect foil and it isn’t actually sour: in fact – like the visual interplay of red and white – it’s actually quite exciting.  😉