A Taste of Ireland…by Way of Mexico

Bailey's Chocolates by Turin of Mexico

You would think that I would have tired of chocolate by now, seeing how I prepare batches of fresh, creamy dark ganache and nut-studded clusters every month.  Happily for me, I doubt if I’ll ever tire of chocolate; indeed, I’m always on the lookout for new chocolate treats to share with others or to enjoy on my lonesome.

That said, you can just imagine how thrilled I was when a jar of Bailey’s Chocolate Bonbons from Turin Chocolates of Mexico arrived at the house.  Part of Turin’s rellenos con licor line, these are molded milk chocolates with a semi-solid center of Irish Cream-infused creaminess.  Yes, they’re alcoholic, so I suggest you think twice before giving these to youngsters because – moreish as they are – these have a bit of a kick.

Flavor-wise, these are rather average: just good creamy chocolate, but not great chocolate.  Now, according to the label, these are made with single-origin Mexican chocolate.  Mexico single-origin is, in my personal opinion, one of those chocolates best left dark as a confection as much of its smoky, cinnamony character is diluted when mixed with milk.  As for the liquor component, there’s hardly any Bailey’s in the filling to give anything but a bare whisper of Irish Cream-iness.  It’s not really disappointing, but when you try to pass something off as an Irish Cream-infused confection to a dedicated Irish Cream-aholic, it’s rather irksome.

Still, the taste of these treats has actually made me keep an eye out for the rest of Turin’s rellenos con licor.  Rumor has it that the ones infused with Jose Cuervo Tequila, Grand Marnier, and Jack Daniels are definitely taste sensations.  😉