The Scrumptiously Healthy Supper

Goolai's Grilled Chicken Salad

While my family adores meat dishes in various forms and my mother is a self-avowed carnivore, we enjoy vegetable dishes if they’re properly done and – more importantly – tasty.

Salads, in particular, are a family favorite.  From properly stodgy potato or pasta salads that can take the place of rice as the starch of choice for a meal to a variety of slaws and pickle mixes to go with the day’s entree, to mixed-veg affairs that can stand in for a full meal, these are always welcome on our dining table.

Goolai Salads – pre-tossed and topped affairs available in many supermarkets these days – often appear as Saturday night sides at our house and sometimes serve as supper ASAP whenever I come home tired and unable to look heavier dinners in the face.  These are substantial clear plastic tubs filled with mixed greens and smaller tubs with a matching dressing.  My personal favorites in this line are the kani with mangoes, walnuts, and a mango vinaigrette and the salad shown above.

This salad has grilled chicken, dried cranberries, pecans, silky/juicy peach cubes, and a raspberry vinaigrette.  The berried sweetness goes well with the savory chicken and the contrast of chewy cranberries against the succulent peaches is very appealing.  Even if this were the only thing on the dinner table, I would be very happy and satisfied.

2 thoughts on “The Scrumptiously Healthy Supper

  1. sometimes, it’s tina who’s paranoid about those dreaded colon ca and other gastrointestinal diseases that call for greens for that necessary cleansing and prevention. every now and then, we make our own salad at home if not, buying similar stuff from the supermarket. healthy, delcious, what more can we ask for? 🙂

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