A Feast in a Basket

A basket full of goodies...

July 24th dawned humid and rainy as my family set out for Market! Market! for an afternoon of eating and shopping.  Well, my parents, aunts, and cousins, anyway: my uncle had to head for an errand elsewhere in Makati and I had a Chocolate Appreciation workshop come three in the afternoon.  But despite the need to rush, there was time enough for lunch – and, oh: what a lunch!

P 800.00 (US$ 17.69) gets you this fully-loaded bilao (flat, tray-like basket) from Marina at M!M!’s open-air food court.  What’s in it, you ask?  The good stuff, baby; nothin’ but the good stuff:

  • Steamed rice enough for six (we got an additional two cups, as there were eight of us);
  • Binagoongang baboy – a savory dish of pork chunks cooked with bagoong alamang, garlic, and onions;
  • Ensaladang manggang hilaw – finely-chopped green mangoes, ripe tomatoes, red onions, and more bagoong;
  • Grilled squid;
  • Barbecued chicken;
  • Grilled oysters topped with cheese and garlic;
  • Crispy baby crabs (crablets); and
  • Pancit Canton with all the trimmings.

The platter also came with a huge jug of iced tea.

Everything was so good that my American-born cousins enjoyed every bite.  After all, it isn’t every day you can feed a crowd well for less than twenty dollars.  😉

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