JiPan’s Tendon: Some Things are Better Sweeter

Sweet, sweet, sweet...

Admittedly, I’m not really a fan of savory dishes that have more than just a hint of sweetness.  There’s just something so wrong about it.  But there are a few dishes I actually find good, excellent even: Thai-style braised pork (one of the very first recipes I featured on this blog), Chinese pork asado, and the bowl of tendon shown above from JiPan.

JiPan’s tendon has a tentsuyu (tempura sauce) that is decidedly sweeter than the usual.  Rather than being sweetened with sugar, mirin – sweet Japanese cooking wine – is poured generously in the mix.  The alcohol evaporates, leaving behind a beautiful sweetness that goes wonderfully with the savory shrimp and the properly-boiled rice.