DIY: Powered-up Bridge Mix

Bridge mix with a twist

When I was in college, I think I weirded out some of my classmates by reading Victoria magazine rather than all the celebrity gossip mags so favored by most of my peers.  It was something of a spin-off on the fact that my mother was an interior designer and that my family was heavily involved in the fine and applied arts that I was starting to prefer magazines that talked about home decorating, gardening, food, and crafts.

One particular issue stands out because there was a story that talked about bridge mix – an old-school candy selection sold in bulk during the 1940s and well into the 1950’s.  Bridge mix is defined by Wikipedia as:

These days, numerous mall stalls sell candy by the bulk and chocolate-covered bits and pieces number among their offerings.  Candy Corner and its spin-off Sweet Impulse at the Glorietta has quite a selection: chocolate-covered almonds, malted milk balls, raisins, and chocolate lumps rolled in white nonpareils.  And there are Jordan almonds – something you don’t usually find among the wares of those in the sweet trade.

Jordan almonds are a classic French wedding confection: whole raw bitter almonds encased in a pearlescent sugar coating.  The somewhat fruity bitterness of the almonds and the sweetness of the sugar are meant to symbolize the bittersweetness of married life.  But, I digress…

Almonds + raisins + dark chocolate = BLISS!

It is easy to make your own bridge mix at the candy counter: all you need are equal amounts of your chocolate- or nut-based candies of choice and you’re all set.  I refer to mine as a powered-up bridge mix because the bulk of my sweets are coated in dark chocolate – an antioxidant-rich powerhouse treat.  Plus, there are almonds for fiber and stress-busting minerals, and iron-rich raisins to keep my blood healthy.  Whenever available, I also add chocolate-coated sunflower seeds for crunchiness.

Powered-up Bridge Mix

  • 100 grams Jordan (candy-coated) almonds
  • 100 grams dark chocolate raisins
  • 100 grams dark chocolate almonds
  • 100 grams dark chocolate sunflower seeds

Combine all ingredients.  Perfect for munching on the go.  🙂

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