A Simple Solution

Cheese and Garlic

I enjoy a good pizza as much as anyone else does, but all these mega-pizzas being flogged by pie purveyors of late are a bit too much even for a hard-core foodie like me.

I agree with author Marsha Mehran that sometimes all it takes is the simple touch, the gentle touch to be satisfied with something.  On days when the palate is sorely fatigued but the belly craves something good and savory, keep it simple.

Choose a pizza that sticks to the basic Margherita formula: tomatoes, cheese, maybe just a hit of garlic or basil or both.  Garlic and cheese pizzas, in particular, will suit you just fine as you get a smashing load of flavor but without all those bulky, cloying add-ons.  The ones from Shakey’s is nice and the Pizza Hut version is fine if you’re all for thick, chewy crusts.

Still the best way to do this, in my opinion, is to do it yourself at home.  There is just something about making it from scratch that makes even a pizza as simple as this one a special treat.

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