A Different Way of Serving Noodle Soup

Yee Mien Noodle Soup

Fried and tossed into a bowl of boiling broth.  This is pretty much the principle behind North Park‘s yee mien or fragrant soup noodles.

In this case, Hong Kong egg noodles are deep fried till good and crispy.  Post-frying, these are placed in a bowl with some hot chicken broth and topped with a Savoy cabbage leaf and deep-fried dumplings.

It’s quite unusual and may not necessarily be everyone’s favorite cup of tea.  For one thing, the transition from crisp to soft and chewy is quick.  (It’s one of those di pronto mangia – eat ASAP – things.)  Plus the broth is a touch saltier one than that normally used by NP for its soup dumplings.

Nevertheless, if you want to try something different, these may work for you.