Food for Functions: Big Flavors in a Tiny Glass

Mango Panna Cotta

I’m not really that big a fan of entremets – those bite-sized, two-spoonful-sized desserts served in tiny glasses.  See, I’m the sort of person who loves huge, lush, even lavish sweet treats at the end of a meal.  Anything petite-sized is a niminy-piminy excuse for a dessert and just doesn’t do the course – and the meal itself – justice.

That said, I was ready to make a few disparaging remarks about the tiny mango panna cottas served at a recent training session at work.  It would have been fairly easy to say something really cutting about these miniature glasses filled halfway with a blancmange-like custard topped with mango chunks suspended in a golden syrup.

But it’s a good thing I held my tongue: these were just plain luscious!  The perfectly ripe mangoes were cooked in what appears to be a blend of sugar and more pureed and sieved mangoes.  The blancmange below was not the solid, milky-looking gelatin that makes so many other panna cottas so uninteresting.  This was more of a light creme caramel (leche flan): just solid enough to hold its shape but made with so much cream that it practically melts in your mouth, slides down your throat, and leaves a flavorful memory of pure, sweet cream.  And, despite the minuscule portion, it was actually a rather satisfying dessert.

My one regret about this dessert?  I forgot to ask the organizers who their caterer was!  😦

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