The Intoxicating Taste of Strawberries

The Tongue Twister

Truth be told, I never got into the habit of drinking socially.  For one thing, I rarely saw my parents drinking alcohol when I was younger.  Occasional gin-and-tonics and wine on special occasions were just about it.  For another, once I was old enough to actually go drinking with friends, I couldn’t see the point about getting plastered.  To sip wine and cocktails to relax is one thing, but to get blinding drunk is a completely different thing altogether – and the effects are neither elegant nor pretty.

That said, I agree with the experts that moderation is the key to the proper enjoyment of wine, beer, cocktails, and just about any inebriating beverage known to man.  Plus, I believe in the quality over quantity concept: a very good bev sipped slowly is a lot better than inferior booze gulped down by the gallon.

One such tipple is this strawberry wine from the northern provinces.  We received a bottle of the stuff over the Holidays and all of us at home agree that it smells very nice: like walking through a berry patch at harvest time.  It is quite sweet, but even a small sip packs quite a punch so I really don’t recommend drinking a full or even half glass.  In fact, I’d recommend taking it as a shot or mixed with a non-alcoholic fizz that can bring out the very best in it.

That said, if you should find yourself lucky enough to get a bottle of strawberry wine, this little concoction made with ginger ale may prove to be a delightful sipper.  I call it the Tongue Twister because it’s quite tingly on the tongue – and seriously bound to cause incoherent babbling if overindulged. 😉

Tongue Twister

  • 1 part strawberry wine
  • 6 parts ginger ale
  • 4-5 ice cubes

Place the ice cubes in an 8oz. glass.  Pour over the strawberry wine and top up with ginger ale.  Stir briskly, then serve.

Makes 1.