In Which Chicken Goes Overboard…

Make it a Double... Down

Until about a couple or so months ago, the KFC Double-Down was something I only read about online via Serious Eats.  I never imagined it would actually become available in this part of the world.

Well, till KFC Philippines put up a Facebook poll for it, that is!

And so, this seriously baroque creation – chicken cordon bleu’s bastard, rednecked sibling – has appeared on local tables and has been something of a forbidden fruit, a rebellious craving in a country that has, alas, succumbed to the [evil] machinations of the fitness gurus.  (I abhor those scrawny hypocrites!)

Unlike the western Double-Down which is made with two chicken breast fillets, I’ve noticed that the local Double-Down uses thigh fillets.  This may not necessarily make sense as far as healthy eating is concerned, but it makes a LOT of sense when it comes to flavor.  You get a deliciously savory “sandwich” encasing a cheese-and-bacon filling.  The cheese may only be processed cheese food, but it is properly rich and runny.  The bacon was, unfortunately, a serious disappointment: all limp and floppy when it should have been crisp, almost fragile to the touch, with all the smoky, crunchy contrast it could give to the tender, savory chicken.  But, then again, who am I to complain when it’s just plain tasty?

Still, I am half-tempted to replicate this at home.  J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has a promising-looking recipe right here.