In Which Red Dot is Given Another Go…

The Crispy Pork Mega-set

I am not now nor have I ever been known to shy away from pork.  I adore the savory-sweetness of the meat, the richness of the fat, and I am not shy about the fact that I have an avowed fondness for charcuterie in its myriad forms.  As gluttonous, as decadent as it sounds, deep-fried pork belly – lechong kawali – is one of my favorite dishes and it’s something I order given half the chance whenever I feel a drought of it at home.

And it is this craving that prompted me to give Red Dot another try a few evenings ago.

Crispy Pork on Turmeric Rice

Now, I’ll admit I was seriously put off by Red Dot because of its incredibly incendiary char kway teow.  However, I’m the sort of person who gives restaurants second chances and I couldn’t resist the lure of the crispy pork mega-set.

As show above, one gets a generous amount of deep-fried pork belly on top of an equally generous mound of rice.  A regular order is served over plain rice, but throw in a few extra pesos and you can choose from turmeric rice, nasi lemak, or Hainanese rice cooked in chicken broth.  I’ve yet to try the lemak and Hainanese rice, but I can assure you that the turmeric rice is a vivid yellow, tastes like a properly done dry curry, and smells heavenly.  Paired with the crisp-skinned pork, it makes for a fantastic meal.

Sambal kangkung and char kway teow

On the side, one gets small portions of sambal kangkung (kangkong – water spinach – cooked with garlic and sambal belacan) and char kway teow.  Now, given my previous experience with the noodle dish, I had a lot of reservations.  But I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted fine and wasn’t spicy at all!  The sambal kangkung, on the other hand, was cooked properly and the leaves were tender while the stems were crunchy.

A bowl of Red Dot’s anise-infused beef broth and a glass of iced tea rounded out my meal.  To be perfectly honest, Red Dot will never really be one of my favorites.  But it’s still worth paying a visit to – if only for the crispy pork on turmeric rice.  😉