In Which Thin Pillows are Munched…

Oishi Thin Pillows

Those of you here in the Philippines are presumably familiar with Oishi Pillows – those small, crunchy, cereal nuggets filled with chocolate, cheese, or ube [purple yam/taro] paste that are rather addictive for some, but never for me.

Oishi recently came out with a new variant called Thin Pillows where the nuggets are, quite obviously, flatter than the regular kind.  But the “thin” isn’t just related to the snack’s appearance but also its nutritional content.  Instead of empty calories, each packet gives you 35% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A as well as fiber as the cereal shell is made with a wholesome combination of wheat and oats.

Taste-wise, it isn’t half bad.  On the packet, its says that the filling is choco-hazelnut (gianduia, in short).  I can’t say that it tastes like Nutella, but if you’re craving that mad, bad spread and there isn’t a jar of it in sight, this makes a pretty good quick fix.

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