In Which a Potato Goes on a Spin – LITERALLY…


In Korea, it’s referred to as a tornado potato – a whole, spiral-sliced potato stuck on a stick and deep-fried till good and totally crunchy.  In Makati, the stall that sells it calls it a curli-cue and flogs a rather niminy-piminy [pathetic]-looking spud for P 35.00 (US$ 0.80).  In neighboring Mandaluyong, however, you get a ginormous stick for P 60.00 (US$ 1.38) – and said ginormous stick is just the regular size.  This stall – Twistix – has a jumbo version. 😀

Choose your sprinkles...

The idea is to take one of these crunchy spirals and flavor it up with your choice of sprinkles: cheese, sour cream and chive, bacon-and-cheese, barbecue powder, and even ketchup!  It’s like getting a huge bag of potato chips without the inconvenience of the bag.  To eat it, you can either break off chips or munch straight into the spiral.  Laissez les bon temps rouler, indeed!

Food for the body, food for the soul...

Not only does it provide a satisfying snack on the go, it also provides a Biblical passage and a short meditation on it – definitely food for one’s soul.  😉

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