In Which We Feature a Much-loved Chicken Meal…

Open the box...

At our office, Bugong is our go-to for boxed chicken lunches that are quite scrumptious and satisfying.  Located at the Valero Carpark, just a block or so away from the office, we get reasonably priced meals of a hefty cup of rice, a chicken quarter, and a cup of gravy to get us going.

Woohoo, here's dinner...

Bugong’s chickens are a bit on the manageable side: neither too large for picky eaters nor too small for hefty appetites.  These cluckers are marinated in a mix of salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic before roasting, so these are quite flavorful and absolutely tender.  (Yes, you can actually cut the meat with a plastic spoon!).  Plus, the aroma is absolutely irresistible.  Honestly, I can no longer imagine an office bash or a late night at work without a boxed meal!

The stall doesn’t have that much room for eating in, so people usually order whole chickens (P 229.00 for a whole bird; P 119.00 for half) and boxed lunches (meals featuring a quarter of roast chicken start at P 90.00) to take-away.  I should, however, warn to go early as the lines actually snake down Valero St. at noon.  Yes, the chicken is that good.

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