In Which A Fast-food Breakfast is Quite Substantial…

Corned beef, egg, and garlic rice

Some of my friends who live abroad despair of getting anything more substantial than a rubbery fried egg and a greasy bit of protein (be it a sausage patty, a limp strip of bacon, or a flabby slice of ham) between the halves of a gritty-textured English muffin, plus a greasy hash brown, and ersatz coffee.

I haven’t the heart to tell them that, here in the Philippines, even fast-food breakfasts are a bit on the hefty side.  Case in point: the corned beef meal from Jollibee‘s Breakfast Joys menu.  What you get is some savory corned beef hash, an egg fried over-easy, and some seriously garlicky fried rice, plus one’s choice of either coffee, hot chocolate, or a cold soda.

While it seems that there isn’t much in the way of beef, looks are quite deceiving.  You actually get a decent amount of hashed beef brisket – and there are even large chunks of the stuff – cooked with sweet white onions.  The beef gives a sweet-salty counterpoint to the smoky-punchy flavor of the fried rice.  The egg may look like a standard-issue slab of rubbery stuff, but it’s also a surprise: the yolk is actually solid just on the outside, the core of it is still nice and runny and is such a treat.  It is, in my personal opinion, quite a good deal for P 88.00 (US$ 2.05).  May I suggest, though, that you skip the coffee and the soda; opt for the hot chocolate, instead, and you’re good to go.

BAKED not fried!

Jollibee also started offering baked hash browns (P 23.00 apiece) and they are pretty good: all golden and crunchy outside and fluffy within.  Very pronounced potato flavor and a tad less salt than the competitor’s, as a matter of fact.  If, like me, you like potatoes with your corned beef hash, this is an excellent addition to your morning meal.