In Which Milk Tea is but a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away…

Large chilled milk tea from Bit Bitz

I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy when I found out that Serenitea recently opened its latest branch along Jupiter St. in Makati’s rather tony Bel-Air district.  It was still a bit too far for yours truly to walk to and, in these penny-pinching days, P 16.00 (eight bucks going and another eight coming back) is P 16.00 – you don’t treat your jeepney fare lightly!

Which is why I was certainly pleased when Bit Bitz opened a stall over at the Galleon Food Avenue along Paseo de Roxas.  Just a short walk away from the office, it offers both milk teas and fruit-infused iced teas to soothe parched throats.

Don’t let the size of the stall or the shabbiness of the surroundings fool you, though: Bit Bitz serves up real tea – brewed tea, Earl Gray tea, as a matter of fact!  The slightly citrusy tang of bergamot actually works well in both milk teas and fruit teas and it can actually help calm down frazzled minds.  Plus, at P 60.00 only for a large, I am not complaining.