In Which There is Enough Tofu for Three…

Tofu Steak

There is one dish on the Teriyaki Boy menu that seems to be a tad misplaced in the Appetizers section when, in my opinion, it really ought to be presented as an entree or main course.

The tofu steak is a seriously Baroque affair at Teriyaki Boy in the sense that there is a lot of it – and I learned that the hard way.

I ordered the tofu steak earlier this week as my main course, seeing how my mother and sister each opted for donburi and Dad called for the creme dory tempura.  I was thinking it was probably a moderate-sized plate of breadcrumbed tofu drizzled with a sweet mirin and dashi sauce.  I was right about the breadcrumbed tofu part and not about the rest!

What arrived at the table was a large platter of beautifully crisp outside and silky-soft-inside tofu topped with savory ground pork, thickly sliced shiitake mushrooms, sliced spring and sweet white onions, and the sweet sauce.  It was utterly delicious but distressingly overwhelming: how was I supposed to finish the darned thing?!?

In the end, I shared the lot with Mom and Dad (my sister just opted for the mushrooms) and managed just fine.  😉